dmexco: Das Internet der Anderen

Herrlicher Verriss der Onlinemarketingfuzzi-Messe dmexco, Buzzword-Bingo und das „Internet der Anderen“ auf Netzpolitik: „Integrated Multichannel-Email-Marketing, High-Quality SEO-Content oder Return-of-Investment-Optimization. Made my day. Danke.

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  1. Jeta says:

    I ralely enjoyed looking at your photographs, Barbara. We share a love of nature, plants etc Also arches, I am fascinated by arches and how they were built and have taken many photos of them, take a look at my Glastonbury post if you have time. Thank you for visiting my blog. The large acer tree is not in my garden but as Westonbirt Arbretum, taken on one of my days out.

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